An independent handcraft and design studio on a simple mission to provide the most beautiful tools and desirable objects, to inspire and realise creative dreams.

After beginning an apprenticeship on Savile Row in January 2017 it became apparent that there was a lack of quality arcane tools on the market such as Tailor chalk sharpeners, Sleeve Boards, Edge boards etc due to the niche nature of the industry.

Requiring these items but unable to find them anywhere for love or money, I resigned to designing and making myself a chalk sharpener, perfecting the angle through the course of numerous conversations with Master Tailors.

To date MundusTNA® has sold Over 500 tailoring tools to many of Savile Row's leading Tailoring houses, including the likes of; Welsh & Jefferies, Maurice Sedwell, Henry Poole, Huntsman & Sons, Cad & the Dandy, Gieves & Hawkes, Richard Anderson, Stowers Bespoke, Michael Browne, Steven Hitchcock, Timothy Everest, Caroline Andrew, Chittleborough and Morgan, Norton & Sons, Thom Sweeney, La Bowtique, Alfred Dunhill, Anderson & Sheppard and many others, also servicing customers in surrounding areas and abroad, becoming well known for quality authentic products used by the best Bespoke Tailors and many more creatives domestically and Worldwide!

We are now wishing to make this opportunity available to the wider market, providing invaluable tools that can last a lifetime, an heirloom to be passed down the generations, delivering that critical consistent sharp edge, 

Our goal and mission remains to provide all creatives and those in related fields, all the tools and resources they need, both physical and intangible, to reach their goals and full potential. Ultimately strengthening, advancing and inspiring the industry as a whole.

As such we will continue to champion and invent new tools, projects, platforms, discussions, resources and more, anything we believe will fulfil our mission and help our beautiful creative industry flourish for years to come!

Welcome to the journey.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to email