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... Is a Patek Phillipe just a watch... a Stradivarius just a violin... or a Rolls Royce just a car?... Of course Novus is not at the pinnacle of Swiss horology, a priceless violin or the height of automotive luxury but it does share the same spirit, to reimagine the ordinary and perfect everyday objects to delight its users!

We believe we need beautiful things to elevate our everyday even with the seemingly mundane and are inspired to create by the efforts of those that came before. 

If you agree with us you are the reason why we create! and you can learn more below. :)

The Novus Rule's strikingly elegant design is not only beautiful with visual and tactile harmony between the warmth and intricate grain of the wood perfectly paired with the structural integrity and glow of solid brass but also a functional improvement on the standard rule, in terms of weight, pressure distribution, accuracy and virtual elimination of parallax error. You can customise the width, length, hardwood handle finishes and the markings (or scale) on both sides of the rule to perfectly match the way you like to work.

Individually crafted and numbered in England, it will fit seamlessly into your design process and inspire you to produce your very best! (Go to Kickstarter >)


Inspiration - Starting out as a bespoke tailor I came across many beautiful pieces of equipment from times gone by, from exquisite tailors shears to beautiful rulers made out of boxwood with brass tips full of character, the most common being from J Rabone and Sons. Unfortunately these tools having served their time faithfully being passed down for generations, were no longer fit for purpose as the wood had started to bow and chip, unable to provide a true straight edge.

Since I started making tools over 4 yrs ago, I’ve been asked on numerous occasions if I could make a ruler, not only for tailors but for all industries that daily use this seemingly mundane piece of stationery, I first resisted as there are many rulers currently on the market, but after doing much research I realised that many of the rulers available today were deficient in many specific areas which cause small but persistent pain and frustration. On top of that they lacked the character and beauty that would motivate an individual to treasure and pass down the generations as an heirloom that told their story, like the rule's of old did. I thought we must be able to do better than a flat bit of metal, wood or plastic casually marked. 

To create character and an aesthetic reminiscent of the beautiful tools of old, I spent over a year designing, re-designing, prototyping and questioning some of the best tailors and designers in the world. The result was the Novus ruler, a striking and aesthetically balanced beautiful piece of stationery art like nothing before!


The difference.

Comparisons with current rule's below;

Issue: Even the thinnest of rulers have a thickness of around 1mm which means to mark a line you have to angle/tilt the chalk or pencil otherwise it will blunten, scratch and abrase the sides. Creating difficulty with accuracy without twisting your wrist.

Resolution: The Novus ruler trapezium angular design allows the edge to be graduated to 0.5mm, half the thickness of a standard flat ruler, providing better accuracy. Your marking instrument would be closer to the straight edge without the rulers own edge getting in the way or having to twist your wrist to re-angle. The edges are also slightly rounded at a subtle radius. 

At exactly 28.8°, the sides have maximum visibility from all overhead angles, as well as having the handle provide protection from damage.


Issue: When pressure is placed down on the centre of a standard flat ruler, this causes the end to slightly bow upward, resulting in a frustrating swivel when marking quickly or as pressure is put on the rulers ends.

Resolution: The Novus ruler unique design channels directional force/pressure down into the spine and redistributes it evenly back out along the base, coupled with a the healthy weight, this insures a stable and reliable straight edge all the time.


Issue: Sometimes a hassle lifting flat rulers.

Resolution: The Novus ruler incorporates a beautiful wooden handle ergonomical designed for easy grip and a unique accent, making no two pieces the same.


Issue: Wooden rulers bow over time no longer providing a straight edge.

Resolution: The Novus ruler has a solid brass base that is designed at a thickness to last many lifetimes.


Issue: Many rulers are ugly, cheap and uninspired.

Resolution: Just look at it… Haha.

Intensive research and testing went into creating an aesthetically balanced and uncompromisingly elegant piece of stationery from the design to materials chosen. The brass and hand sanded hard wood of choice will develop a patina over time capturing your story.


After being told more times than I can count, that the design was impossible to manufacture because of the precise measurements and angles, Here we are! In a world where it seems everything has already been done, an opportunity to own something truly different and unique, unlike anything else in the world.

I cannot wait for you to own, appreciate and treasure your very own Novus ruler! The most beautiful rule in the world! (Go to Kickstarter >)


Press: You can read full article and review by YANKO DESIGN here >


When will I get my Novus Ruler?

Here's the timeline. Please take some time to understand the timeline before pre-ordering. 

The campaign will run for 47 days in total ending 17th April 2021.



No doubt with a global pandemic comes a level of uncertainty, but hopefully we are at the tail end of it. Nevertheless to date we have sold over 500 tools meeting and adapting to the current situation, we also have already completed research & development and produced 4 prototypes, so I am confident that the team will be able to deliver this project successfully.


Security and Assurance

As a registered company (registered in England and Wales with company number 12809374, Director as Emmanuel Osei) we, Mundus TNA Ltd, as any other legal entity, are legally and contractually bound by our Terms of use to fulfil the service agreed upon at the time of order. You can find out more information on our Terms of Use & Conditions here >.

We will also provide regular updates along with progress reports via email.

And you can contact us at any time via orders@mundustna.com.



We are so confident in the design and quality of the Novus that each Novus comes with a lifetime warranty.


Reusability and Sustainability 

The Novus instrument is designed to be used and enjoyed for multiple lifetimes, with replaceable hardwood handles sustainably sourced from UK wood merchants.


Intellectual Property

Given the uniqueness of the Novus ruler, we have secured automatic 'design rights' from time of creation, to further strengthen our IP we have submitted the Novus Rule design to the Intellectual Property Office requesting a Design Patent/ Registration. App No. 6119367, current status pending.

If you have any questions prior to ordering please contact us at info@mundustna.com.

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Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Emmanuel Osei (Founder)